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Carlos Ormeño Palma - Director - Peruvian independent films




In a coastal city of Peru, a belief says that in each house, the walls keep the scent of the families that once lived there... In the streets of this city, Iván (30) looks for the lost trace of his father, who abandoned him when he was a child. To find him, Ivan will have to face the secrets of his dead mother and his father's true love: another man.

En una ciudad costera del Perú, una creencia dice que en cada casa, las paredes guardan el olor de las familias que vivieron allí... las calles de esta ciudad, Iván (30) busca el rastro perdido de su padre, quien lo abandonó cuando era un niño. Para encontrarlo, Iván tendrá que enfrentarse a los secretos de su difunta madre y al verdadero amor de su padre: otro hombre.


What would have happened if my father had been gay? Would our relationship have been any better? Everything started when my father decided to leave our home. At first, I felt relieved... Living with him was a nightmare. However, as the months passed by, I started feeling something growing inwards inside me. A mixture of sorrow and guilt.


Throughout the years I've tried to describe that feeling in words, but nothing came out until I began to write this film. The Scent of Walls is a journey of reconciliation, a medium to accept the voids of our family through ourselves... Because in the end, maybe what truly connects us to our parents is the thing we ignore the most.


CineQuaNonLab 2021 | Storyline Lab

Production stage: Development

Director, producer, and screenwriter: Carlos Ormeño Palma​

Director of photography: Inti Briones

Language: Spanish Running time: 100 min


Main location - Iván's family home

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