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Carlos Ormeño Palma - Director - Peruvian independent films


La Fiebre is an award-winning independent film company set in Peru in 2016 and created by Carlos Ormeño Palma to produce films that, like a fever in humans, respond to a growing problem on a personal and social level.

The company's main project is producing the feature film The Scent of Walls with the support of Cine Qua Non Lab. This film tells the story of Ivan, a 30-year-old photojournalist who looks for his father after he abandoned him when he was a child.

La Fiebre Films has produced three short films. 
Understand in 2016, Backwards in 2017, and The Distance of Time in 2021. His films have participated in festivals such as Oberhausen, Mill Valley, Raindance, Bogoshorts, Kerala, Dokufest, Reeling Chicago, FIFAK, and Outfest Peru.

In 2020, the company won the Peruvian National fund for short film production for The Weight of Air, a story about child pregnancy and violence against women in Peru. This short is currently in coproduction with Open Borders Production, a Greek film company run by Alexander Tiliopoulos.

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