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La Fiebre Films is more than a production company; it's a home where my stories can grow and expand to broader audiences. 

When I was studying journalism and media, and my father's absence was already creating complications in my well-being, I decided to create a signature that could shelter my stories. So, I started La Fiebre Films, a company that, like a fever in humans, could respond to a growing problem on a personal and social level.


However, when I began to write my feature, The Scent of Walls, I recognized that I needed to explore film in different ways. This philosophy has led me to write, direct and produce films with a strong connection with the memory of my family, the questions surrounding my identity as a member of the LGBTIQ+ community, and the injustice we still live in Peru with the governments. That's why, for example, in our short The Distance of Time, the characters play themselves in the film, acknowledging that their lives are a reflection of the oppressive environment of their lives outside the camera.


Years have passed, and I'm proud to say that this company has flourished beyond my expectation. I have produced and directed four short films that premiered in festivals that welcomed our stories with open hearts. Among those festivals, I can mention Oberhausen, Mill Valley, Reeling Chicago (where we picked up the award for Best Narrative Short), Trujillo - where we won the National Prize for Best Short, OutFestPerú, Dokufest, Kerala, Batumi, and so many others.


In 2020, we won the Peruvian National Grant for Short Film Production for my next short film, The Weight of Air, and in 2022, we won the Greek Film Center Award at the 45° Drama Short Film Festival. At Drama, we also establish our first-ever international coproduction deal with a Greek company, Open Borders Productions, by Alexandros Tiliopoulos. "The Weight of Air" will be shot this year by La Fiebre Films, Alexandros' company, and Marco Moscoso.

In 2023, we won an international program to produce a creative lab for the trans community in Peru in the upcoming years. During this lab, 20 transsexual girls will shoot their stories in short documentaries using their own voices and vision. La Fiebre Films is a company that explores the resilience of the LGBTIQ+ community living in an oppressive environment. Furthermore, it's a company that affirms its position to produce more representation in cinema, from Peru to the world.

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