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In a Peruvian city corroded by an eternal and indifferent winter, an androgynous man faces a future without his lover.


This is the force of identity overcoming the silent oppression of a city and its inhabitants. A story that encounters sorrow and love as the sea gently touches the shore in the distance.


I believe in cinema as a form of power; a voice that goes beyond silence and darkness. Because, in those places where it is least expected, there is hope. This film seeks to be a call to togetherness, a means to acknowledge the emptiness we carry inside, and above all, to understand the weight of our existence within the end of life.

Cast: Carlos Caycho, Juan Dávila, Lidia Quispe, Ginno Paul Melgar, Pepito

Director, producer, and screenwriter: Carlos Ormeño Palma

Line Producer: Pedro Iturria

Sound: Patricio Lagos Bustamante

Sound Design: Abel Castro

Director of Photography: Carlos Ormeño Palma

Music: Fil Uno and Kintu Canela

Production Design: Carlos Flores

Editors: Carlos Ormeño Palma, Inti Briones and Melina León

Associate Producers: Sensual Trip and La Mula Producciones

Production Company: La Fiebre Films

Country: Peru

Year: 2021

Language: Spanish

Running time: 19 minutes

Specs: DCP | B&W and Color | 4K | 5.1 - Stereo

76° Locarno International Film Festival (Switzerland)
29° Raindance Film Festival
68° International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (Germany)
40° Festival Internacional Cinematográfico del Uruguay
14° Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival (Greece)
13° Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival (India)
5º Nova Frontier Film Festival and Lab (USA)
19° OutFestPerú International LGBT Film Festival (Peru)
21° Dokufest Documentary and Short Film Festival (Kosovo)
14° International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala (India)
17° Batumi International Art-House Film Festival (Georgia)
40° Reeling: The Chicago LGBTQ+ Int. Film Festival - Best Narrative Short (USA) 
5° Reaktor Film Festival (Austria)
7° Kinenova International Film Festival (Macedonia)
9° Trujillo Film Festival - Best Short Film (Peru)
45° Mill Valley Film Festival (USA)

27° Canberra Short Film Festival (Australia)
6° Still Voices Film Festival (Ireland)
2° Hanan Film Festival (Peru)
31° Euroshorts Young Filmmakers Film Festival (Poland)
9° Transcinema International Film Festival (Peru)

20° Bogoshorts Short Film Festival (Colombia)
5° Piura Short Film Festival - Honorable Mention 

 Braziers International Film Festival (UK)
18° International Shorts Mexico (Mexico)

31° Festival Mix Brasil De Cultura Da Diversidade (Brazil)
9° Semana del cine de la Universidad de Lima (Peru)

24° Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin (France)

La distancia del Tiempo - The Distance of Time Carlos Ormeño Palma - Open Doors Locarno Fi
Oberhausen International Short Film Festival - La distancia del Tiempo - The distance of T
40 festival cinematográfico internacional del uruguay - Carlos Ormeño Palma - La distancia
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"Black and white scenes shrouded in contemplative silence fuse mourning with grace and gentle acceptance. "
Holly Jones | Variety

"Cinematic delight"
Pawel Wieszczecinski | Kinoscope

"A film full of tenderness and truth"
Florian Weghorn | Berlinale Talents

"The slipstream of memory
in a moving tale of loss and love"

Sterling Hedgpeth | Mill Valley Film Festival

"Enlightens the strength of identity"
Susana Bessa | Ípsilon Público Jornal

"An affecting work buoyed
by its exceptional filmmaking"

Reeling: The Chicago LGBTQ+ Film Festival

"Powerful, moving and challenging short
in all the best ways"

Danny Moltrasi | Raindance Film Festival

"A Peruvian somber elegiac"
Gary M. Kramer | San Francisco Bay Times

"It stands in for the inarticulacy
brought on by grief"

Peter Wong | Beyond Chron

"For addressing life and death in a love story told in a poetic language"
Alejandro Legaspi, Gianfranco Quatrinni, Sonia Rodríguez
Trujillo Film Festival Jury

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