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Body of work

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The Scent of Walls
Peru | 70 min | Development | TBA

After the sudden death of his mother, Ivan, a 30-year-old tabloid photojournalist, looks for his presumed dead father. Although his father's disappearance is an incomplete puzzle of secrets, Ivan will try his best to locate him. However, when he finally meets his father after 20 years, Ivan realizes his quest isn't over, but instead just the beginning of his identity search.


The Distance of Time
Peru | 19 min | Distribution | 2021

In a Peruvian city corroded by an eternal and indifferent winter, an androgynous man with indigenous roots faces a future without his lover, who suffers from an unknown disease.

Oberhausen International Short Film Festival - La distancia del Tiempo - The distance of T
The distance of Time - Best short film.png
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Password: faith


The Weight of Air
Peru, Greece | 15 min | Production | 2023

Rocío (20) confronts the injustice of the legal system when her father is released from prison and returns home searching for the son he had with her when he raped her as a child. From that day on, Rocío will do everything in her power to put him back in prison and avoid being molested again.

La langue inconnue du soleil couchant - Carlos Ormeño Palma - La Fiebre Films.png

The Unknown Language of the Setting Sun
France, Peru | 12 min. | 2022

As the director’s future niece grows inside his sisters’ body, he encounters death as a way of healing. This film is an intimate message marked by the absence of a father and the violence brought by silence and addiction. A letter for someone whose meaning will transform the director’s understanding of life, parenthood, and loss.

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Password: moon

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